Project REPLICATE is an innovative online telementoring unit that provides health care providers with expert mentoring and case-based learning. The model’s purpose is to add to the knowledge of health care workers in remote residential areas and to enhance lifelong learning.

Using web-affiliated videoconferencing technology, ECHO connects primary care doctors with professionals who provide you with telementoring and guide these people in their remedying of complex situations. This helps to improve the quality of care for clients, and it also rises access to area of expertise care for non-urban populations.

Task ECHO is normally an extension of the University of New Mexico Well being Sciences Center’s Extension with regards to Community Health care Outcomes (ECHO) model, which works to boost the knowledge of rural well-being care workers. At present, there are a hundred seventy five hubs in the us, reaching a large number of communities in 46 advises. In addition , ECHO has also branched out internationally.

Originally designed to link the University of New Mexico’s Hepatitis C specialist with primary treatment physicians, the Project INDICATE model is now being used much more than 70 specialties all over the world. Participants show up at teleconference get togethers hosted by a central „hub” team, in which they present cases of their own routines, receive responses from experts, and discuss conditions submitted by other participants.

ECHO trainings are performed twice a month. They feature a didactic presentation right from a doctor, followed by a clinical circumstance discussion. Towards the end of the time, each participator is provided with a written recommendation for treating the case.

To engage in an ECHO session, you will need to have your computer with a cam and a web connection. Enrollment is required, and it ends several days ahead of the call.

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